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Feb 17, 2011

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amazing news about dinner

Don't just eat dinner -- wear it

 Updated at: 1018 PST,  Thursday, February 10, 2011
 NEW YORK: If you really loved your meal at one New York restaurant, you can now walk out with the skin of the animal you ate.

Marlow & Sons, an eaterie in the city's trendy Williamsburg neighborhood, wants clients to be able to remember their meals forever by purchasing items such as bags made from the hide of cows and other animals served up from the kitchen.

"We want something people could enjoy beyond their dinner," Kate Huling, wife of the owner, told. "They come in, they eat, they leave and usually think of something else. So the bags really preserve and honor that animal."

Belts, wallet and hats and sweaters using wool and rabbit fur will also be on offer once the animal in question has been eaten.

The idea will be a boon for struggling local tanneries and the New York fashion industry, Huling said.

Feb 14, 2011

hot pakistani girls dance... nice hip shake..

A very hot girl dancing on mehandi function

Pakistan is a country of traditions where weddings are held with a great arrangements.
watch the video below and check out the girl who is waving her body on the rythm

molvi sab dancing with sexy n hot lady of lahore.mp4


Feb 13, 2011

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Feb 12, 2011

Pakistani girls.

collection of very hot pakistani girls. this girls is trying new bra in a try room and guess what is suites her alot than she thinks

 this girl is standing in her class room at a university and posing in front of camera. hot girl she is wuth some awesome eyes. pakistan is a piece of earth which has many beautiful ladies. no doubt pakistan is in top list for women beauty

 this cute girl is invited in a wedding she has a matchless hot deep eyes.

a picture taken from a hidden camera of some aunties in market.. aunty got real stuff at her upper portion

 huffff. these girls seems cheerleaders.. all of them got bombs on their bodies. truly very hot

Feb 10, 2011

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